Saturday, June 6, 2009

25 Random Things About KISS

1: I'm currently eating halo halo. Razon's is my favorite.
2: I'm here at the office with my mom, two cousins and the secretary. There's nothing to do. My mom is playing bomberman. While my cousin Kaye is playing Wedding Dash on her laptop.
3:I hate brown beans.
4: Loves chocolates! Preferably WHITE chocolates.
5: It's my 5th year and 3rd term in mapua. I'll graduate soon. I still have 2 units remaining, thesis 2 and 3, my thesis 1 is for completion and I'm planning to have my proposal defense next week.
6: I can't live without my bag.
7: I love playing Mob wars, Mafia wars, Fasion wars.
8: Juan Tamad
9: Not in the mood to finish this quiz.
10: Loves to eat Shakey's, Fazoli's, Teriyaki Boy, JOLLIBEE! haha, Brother's Burger, Burgoo, Wham!, Burger King, Cheeseburger sa McDo, Pasto, Jack's Loft, Seafood Island,Tender Bob's, SumoSam, Misato, Southsea grill, Oyster Boy, Dencio's, North Park, Jacinto's, more and more and more foodies!
11: I'm still working on my thesis.
12: Last Saturday, we went to Fiesta Resort.
13: I miss my scholastican friends and my orgmates in Mapua, MMS.
14: I know I'm Obese. I'm not healthy. I'll die young bwahahahaha!
15: http://
16: Last night, we went to Rockwell para sa Havaianas Event.
17: I want an underwater camera!
18: Favorite song as of the moment: THINKING OF YOU by Katy Perry.
19: I love to sing and dance
20: I enjoy watching Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy hindi na, Prison Break
21: August 21. 2006... 2 years, 6 months.
22: I want to graduate.
23: March 23, Jepoy's birthday
24: September 24. my day
25: I was in You changed my life TV AD. "BEST MOVIE EVURRR!"

My sister uploaded this video on youtube.

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